Madison Jr/Sr High School

It's Good to be a Mohawk!


Student of the Month

7th – Tyler Murphy (Mr. Whisman)

8th – Jarod Wagner (8th Grade Team)

9th – McKrayson Martin (Mr. Scholp)

10th – Colin Locke (Ms. Kernan)

11th – Ana Sulentic (Mr. Cundiff)

12th – Logan Gomia (Mr. Rippl)

Congratulations to the February Students of the Month!

7th – Tessa Wood, Sydney Shelly, Chan Zwaap, Olivia Swensen (Mr. Whisman)

8th – Shelby Abney (Mr. Melampy)

9th – Luke Hughes (Mrs. Markle)

10th – John Israel (Mrs. Scherer/Mr. Brown)

11th – Leah Robertson (Mr. Cundiff)

12th – Eric Trent (Mrs. McKee)