Honoring Patriot Day

At 8:46 am, the following text was read over the intercom to pay homage to the events of 9/11.  After the reading, students observed a moment of silence to show respect for the victims and events. This moment was observed at not just Madison, but nationwide in schools. 
Here is the transcript of what was read at 8:46 am:
Today, we will commemorate the events that happened 18 years ago on September 11, 2001. You might not have been born 18 years ago, but this was a very impactful day that still resonates with many Americans. It was a scary and sad time for Americans as many people died in New York City, Virginia, Pennsylvania.
Where tragedy did occur, so did greatness. Firefighters, police officers, and everyday normal people showed great courage in risking their own lives to save others, and some paid the ultimate sacrifice losing their own life in the place of another.  This was not a single day event, as a war was launched and more true heroes stepped up in form of armed service. 
As you continue through the day, the year, and your entire life, please know that true greatness is inside of all of us. To truly honor those who have sacrificed before us, we must show kindness and put others before our needs.