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Common Core

Resources Provided by Andrew Wheatley, Technology Integration Specialist

Core Standards

Common Core
Common core website that has curriculum maps and recommended texts. A great resource for common core material.

Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers
PARCC is the company that creates Ohio’s Common Core tests. An excellent resource for understanding the tests.

This is the online common core practice test from Smarter Balance.  It will give teachers and students a good idea of what the new PARCC tests will be like.

Common Core America Achieves
Video learning opportunities explaining the shifts in Common Core, and video examples of Common Core lessons. Also includes editable lessons.

COREpedia is a resource tool to assist you in the understanding and implementation of the Common Core State Standards. From this site, you can find information quickly on the standards and link to the latest resources.

A list of all of the ASCD's Common Core professional development webinars.  

Achieve 3000
Literacy and science solutions, including over 10,000 nonfiction articles.

Achieve the Core
Guides to developing Common Core instructional practices. Their “steal these tools” section is an awesome collection of resources.

CPALMS is committed to providing high-quality, standards-based instructional resources.  Their goal is to add 2,200 instructional resources by June 2014 to support the Common Core.

Illustrative Mathematics
It is exactly what their name says. They provide illustrations/tasks for all the of Common Core Math standards.

Inside Mathematics
This site features classroom examples of innovative teaching methods and insights into student learning, tools for mathematics instruction that teachers can use immediately, and video tours of the ideas and materials on the site.

Engage NY
This a good site for common core resources. Some of it is specific to New York, but most of their resources will work anywhere. Check it out.

Mathematics Common Core Toolbox
This site has test examples, and common core scope and sequence guides.

Educore is one of my favorite common core resources. Their videos explaining the common core shift are some of the best, but even better are their pre made math and literacy lessons. These lessons are some of the best common core aligned I have seen.

InfOhio Common Core
Info Ohio has created a common core toolkit. You might find their IMatrix useful.

Learn Zillion
Similar to Khanacademy, but with less content. Good news is that what they do have is more suited to teacher use in the classroom. Their premade slide show (powerpoint) lessons are great and allow teachers to customize. Common Core aligned.

Common Core resource for outstanding non-fiction books and authors

SAS Curriculum Pathways
SAS has some of the most polished and put together lessons and activities that I have seen on a FREE site. They have interactive math tools, simulations, and incredible inquiry based lessons infused with loads of literacy skills. Material currently is only for grades 6-12; math, ELA, science, social studies, and Spanish.